Skulls & Shackles

Skulls & Shackles
When the Sun Sets over the Shining Seashell

As the sun sinks below the sea off the coast of Port Peril, fires blaze against the sky. Those who come to the port bury themselves in sin and debauchery or hide away amid those that no one would wish to find. Every night in Port Peril is a night of drunken adventure; merry singing, self-loathing and tavern brawls. Five brave adventurers have found themselves here, amidst the noise and turmoil of the Shining Seashell.

A human female sits at the end of the bar, with a sizable amount of space between her and the other patrons. It’s not hard to understand why once you notice that she is periodically leaning down to an Alligator sitting next to her. Sitting off in the corner of the room behind her is a Half-Orc, drinking ale by himself and scanning the crowd for a good fight. In the middle of the bar, a charming young man cons his fellow patrons into buying his drinks. Seeing this, an elf sitting behind him sends a drink to the half-orc from the loud-mouth at the bar. Much to his dismay, the Orc gratefully accepts the free alcohol and continues to search for a being worth fighting. The doors of the Tavern open, and a lost-looking human female stumbles in having just woken up from a deep and dreamless slumber and washing up on the beach. Pushing her way through the thick mass of people in the room (exacerbated by the fear of being eaten at the bar), she quickly finds a drink in her hand.

The five adventurers toast, not together but separately and to themselves. Looking up, the young rich man at the bar sees Besmara’s creed carved above the bar, “Carve your name on the ever-changing sea with a saber of Terror and Triumph. Fight for plunder, fame and glory, and earn your place among the legends of the sea.”


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